Transform! My Workplace prepares leaders to manage their businesses with inspired leadership by equipping business leaders with knowledge, tools, and resources to pilot their teams with clarity, coaching, and compassionate accountability.

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 INSPIRE –  Lead a modern workforce in a way that inspires employees to give their best.

COACH & DEVELOP – Become equipped to lead with clarity, coaching, and compassionate accountability; not intimidation and fear.

POSITIVE DISCIPLINE – Handle people problems in a way that re-inspires commitment without damaging your relationship with the employee.

Additional Services

Leadership Growth & Development

Transform! Targeted Leader Development is a professional leadership growth experience. The focus is on discovery and measurable, intentional growth. Development needs are pinpointed for each participant and their growth plan is directly linked to a business challenge, strength, or pain point.


Transform! Continuous Employee Growth is a positive, forward-thinking replacement for traditional performance evaluations. Transform! is about helping people grow. It moves away from the negative, demoralizing effect of traditional appraisals. The process revolves around a coaching model to provide a means for planning and developing each employee.

Strategic Hiring & Onboarding PROCESS DESIGN

Transform! Strategic Hiring is an applicant-centric recruiting and onboarding initiative that will dramatically increase your effectiveness in recruiting, employee engagement, and retention.


The fundamental purpose of a discipline system is not to punish misbehavior and enforce compliance. The purpose is to build individual responsibility and re-inspire commitment. The goal of discipline is corrective, not punitive. The stages of the process foster a culture of guidance, course correction, and accountability, not punishment.

HR Advisory Services

Transform! HR Advisory Services features HR leader mentoring and development, process design, and HR strategic planning & implementation.


  • Building Strong Teams
  • Supervisory Training
  • Mentoring
  • Professional Speaking Engagements

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Receive resources and information on upcoming learning events in your inbox (1-2 per month)

Anita is the owner of Transform! My Workplace, a company focused on helping businesses strengthen their people processes.

She provides managers with the training and skills they need to effectively manage today’s demanding work force. She is skilled at turning around struggling HR functions, streamlining processes, setting strategic direction, and increasing operational efficiency.

She is gifted with both the ability to look at the big picture from a visioning and strategic perspective and can also step in and manage details and design efficient processes. Individuals naturally feel comfortable and sense her sincerity, compassion, and optimism.

Anita is the lead innovator and facilitator for the highly successful training course, Transform! Managerial Development.

She has a bachelor’s degree in communications and a master’s in business administration from Baker University. She holds the certification, Senior Professional Human Resources (SPHR).

Anita is a requested speaker and provides presentations and workshops for associations and conferences.

A Heart for Serving

Anita believes deeply in the importance of volunteering and supporting others in their professional growth. Current and previous service and leadership roles include:


  • Supporter; previous board member, Raise My Head,
    a Wichita, KS, organization serving women who have been victims of sex trafficking and exploitation.
  • Connector, Wichita Women for Good, a philanthropic organization
  • Mentor, The Thread Women’s Leadership Collective, a professional organization nurturing the ambition in women to lead.
  • Supporter, previous board president, Ability Point, an organization providing services to individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities.
  • Previous state president, Kansas Association of Healthcare Communicators
  • Previous board member, Kansas Hospital Human Resources Association
  • Previous board member, Wichita Society for Human Resources Management

I invite you to join me in supporting this quarter’s featured charitable organization:

Flinthills Services provides residential and day services for people with developmental disabilities.